SF stories

(in Croatian only)

Zivjeti u sjecanju (Living in the memories) - a clasic first contact story.
Teve Ossett i Glavica Luka (Teve Ossett and its Onion Bulb) - a simple "story" about a vehicle that dives underground
Da ne bi, bogati! - a miniature story
Dragocijeno uho (Precious ear) - about an independent being inside ones head
Kafic (kraj malih naroda) - not a story; a pamphlet. About one strange thing of modern society.
Betsi, Betsi, Betsi - a rather long story, mostly about loneliness.
Koncept bolesti, koncept ponosa - somewhat long, action-like story, guns involved.
Tri prekrasna jesenja dana - another 'gold fish' story, about importance
Drugi (Second) - Strange experimetntal story, very short. Hose racing involved.
Direkcija (Direction) - Funny story, medium short. (Anti)ecological.